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I was a teenager in the nineties? Does that make me old? NO

Recently my 16year old sister in law said to my husband and me: „You guys are so lucky to have been a teenager in the nineties!“ I had to smile and it really stayed in my had. Yeah, we were the ones who experienced grunge when it was born. It makes us lucky, cool and ahead oft hem all! I remember tht summer when I drove my parents nuts not taking of my boots once to wear beautiful sandals or ballerinas. No, it was the time of boots with mini skirts and they had to look used, old, grungy. This wasnt a problem, if you wore them all the time and took them tot he beach on a regular base.

I had fun to wear different combinations which stood out, were against the main stream. It was the summer when my friends and aquaintances bought an inter rail ticket for 500,00 German marks and travelled by train troughout europe for one months. It was the summer when we felt the absolute freeedom of choice where to go and what to do for the first time. It was very adventurous and sometimes even scary.

We went to festivals, concerts, danced all night long. We chose a subject to study, a city to live in and changed our minds about it. Everything was possible and I am also thankful that I had total support of my parents.

Looking back, my sister in law is very right – it was great to be a teenager in the nineties. We had a great time!

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