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For me the best way to clear my head, to focus back on me, is to run, to run, to run. I may be started three years ago. Better I started again. Being a student in Berlin, I ran too. I started again and it became addictive. I almost run every day. My routine is to do 5km to 7km each time and sundays I try to do 10km. The first meters or minutes are the hardest, because my head is still occupied, my mind busy. After a while I am able to let go. I enter a phase of inner silence before I get to the creative state. Ideas pop up and I enjoy the entertainment in my head. It is really every time the same procedure. For me it is the perfect way of starting my day.

This year I started to take part in official runs. They are fun and and good way to change my training routine for a while. I just finished a half marathon, which was a great experience to see my body and mind reacting to the effort, time and track. There were moments I had to really fight against my body, other times my mind played games with me. It was very interesting to see which thoughts pushed my energy and which pulled me down like a heavy weight. I also felt the power of cheering. It had an amazing and pushing effect on me. I think the last kilometer I just ran with a big smile in my face. It was a great challenge, I will definetely take again.

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