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PARIS - You are my happy place. Or let's say: You are one of my happy places. There are more, but let's focus on Paris now...

For me going to Paris means to take a trip on my own, with myself, in my pace and for my fun, pleasure, for me time. A trip for GERRY. It feels wonderful to just decide for myself, do whatever I feel like. I enjoy the beauty of Paris, the Hausmanian buildings, the museums, galleries, the boulevards, the stores, shops, streets, the markets, restaurants, clubs and bars and I really, really like the people. Every time I go, I meet new acquaintances, some of them becoming friends.

Generally I am attracted to big cities, I love the influences of the different cultures, the decades and centuries their architecture tells stories about and what I love most, is the FREEDOM I feel. I feel free to breathe, to act, the smile, to shine.

What are your happy places?

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